Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lord Rothermere has gone too far this time!!

Having your work appreciated by others to the extent that it gets copied or even stolen I think is the secret wish of many an artist. I can remember the mild disappointment of being burgled for my chattels but having my paintings ignored! A fellow artist (who’s work sells for much more than mine) has had instances of his superb paintings being left behind and the frames stolen! The same goes for copying, I’m secretly quite pleased when I visit an art exhibition and see work that bears a resemblance to things I’ve produced.
However, finally, I think I’ve hit the big time! Arriving home after running a mixed media workshop a while back, I picked up the Daily Mail and on the front page is a copy of my Leisure Painter Patchings advert! This advert depicted myself , Bill Cockburn and Tony Slater as the three wise monkeys. The idea being that any visitor to Patchings who could identify us got a free art  prize. Oviously, the Mail had cleverly changed our faces for Harriet Harmen's, Tony Blair's and Gordon Brown's, but even so, I felt that this was taking plagiarism and liberties too far! I had intended to give away free art materials at Patchings to anyone who can identify the three artists in my ad. Now people are going to think I’m called Gordon Fisher!! Goodness knows what they’re going to call Tony! Should I sue?